Sometimes The Toilet Is Scary

November 22, 2013 | Healthy Tips
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For fun - check out this video of a dog who is wildly freaked out by the toilet. When it comes to fight or flight, this dog's a fighter for sure. If your kid is half as freaked out by the toilet as this dog - try a Shandle today!'s natural when you have not been properly introduced to something to find it scary. For little kids the toilet is mysterious and potentially a very intimidating object looming in the corner of their home.

It's not imaginary like a monster under the bed. It's real. It's the monster in the bathroom. Think for a second about what a toilet does. How it works and how it sounds. Loud, cold and makes things disappear. Freaky.

To some kids the toilet is "that big scary white thing over there"  Loud, wet and the lid slams down sometimes. For those unfamiliar, the toilet might just have the highest fear factor in the house. 

If you know a kid who is scared of the toilet a Shandle from our Tinkle Time Collection certainly can help to make it more friendly. The cute designs are intended to make the toilet a bit more approachable. 


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I’d like the one with robots for my little nephew. Don’t want him to be intimidated by the “throne” and agree that lifting the lid isn’t always easy.

Posted by Lenore on January 21, 2014

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