Breaking In A Bachelor

June 02, 2014 | Healthy Habits

Are you moving in with your boyfriend or husband? Congrats on starting your life together! Unfortunately you might be in for a rude awakening when it comes to the toilet seat! Some men are well trained – but more likely, they’ll need a little help!

All parents do their best to teach healthy bathroom habits from the potty training stage but sometimes life gets in the way. As toddlers become boys, boys become teenager, teenagers become college students and college students become… men – sometimes the proper techniques get lost.

The Shandle is a small tab that sticks onto your toilet seat with a peal –n-stick label. All you need to do is stick on the Shandle on and it will last for years! The best part is its always there for him to lift and lower the seat and lid. If you’ve ever asked your boyfriend to put the seat down – you’ll appreciate this bathroom accessory.

For wives, mothers and girlfriends, this toilet seat lifter is a blessing! The majority of husbands have to be house trained like a dog to use the toilet seat properly and with the Shandle you will be able to easily encourage them to lift and lower the seat every time the go.

If you’re turning a bachelor into a husband – get him training now with a Shandle toilet seat handle – otherwise you might find yourself in the doghouse!

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