How often do you go to the bathroom?

June 05, 2014 | Handles For Toilet Seats, Healthy Habits, Healthy Tips, Toilet Accessories

Think…how often you go to the bathroom on a daily basis?  At least twice a day but probably more like 5 times a day, right?  Some of us go more than others, but it’s certainly a frequent occurrence for all of us.  

Now, this isn’t to call anybody’s hygiene into question, but how often do you wash your hands before you touch the toilet seat?

If you never wash your hands before touching the toilet seat – you are not alone.

The toilet seat is a prime hangout spot for the muck in your house.  Sure – the filth comes and goes and regular cleaning should keep the real bad guys away – but still…. Every time you touch the seat you are touching what is essentially an army of mess and germs.  

Any way you cut it – the toilet seat is one of the last things you should want to touch in your home.

But how are you supposed to get the toilet seat up without touching it? Are you going to wear a pair of latex gloves? Do you design and build a mechanism that opens up your toilet seat for conventional usage?

No – you buy the Shandle – toilet seat handle.

Shandles are a toilet accessory that promotes two things. Better hygiene around the house AND a convenient way of opening up the toilet without ever touching the seat.

Peal and stick the Shandle onto the underside of the seat and use it to lift and lower the lid up to 5 times a day or more if you need it!

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