How Many Toilets are there Inside The Empire State Building?

June 12, 2014 | Fun Facts, Healthy Tips, Ideas, Toilet Accessories


"The other day I was looking at the Empire State Building and I wondered... how many toilets do you think are in there?"

It’s a natural thought process for us here at We’re in the toilet business after all. But once you get past the seemingly ridiculousness of this particular line of thought, the answer could be simply mind-boggling.

The Empire State Building, if you know your landmarks, is located in the one of the most popular cities in the world. New York City.

The Big Apple.

The City that Never Sleeps.

The Capital of the World.

Let’s do the Math

Technically, the ESB is often quoted to have 102 floors, but above that floor is the 103rd floor which is used, apparently, as a hotspot for the most exclusive amongst us.

So, being a historical landmark and one of the most visited buildings in all of New York, can you imagine the amount of restrooms they’re going to need for the celebrities (and their entourage), the daily influx of tourists (including their kids and their grandparents), international diplomats, business executives (and their lackeys subordinates).

Now have we got you thinking?


Fun fact: There are four million visitors to the Empire State Building per year! (Source: And that’s just from the 86th to the 102nd floor.

Let’s break it down a little further...

Each floor is roughly one hundred thousand square feet. That’s quite a lot of space for business offices, dining rooms, lounges, boardrooms, retail and banking services, as well as other amenities occupying the remaining floors from 86th downwards.

So, with so many persons trafficking throughout the building on a daily basis, the inevitable question quickly arises amongst its patrons:

Is there a restroom nearby that I can use?

Of course the contractors all those years ago would have so aptly made provisions for the inevitable, and extra bathroom fixtures would have been installed with the Empire State Building’s 2010 $550 million renovation project (Source: Wikipedia).

So here’s the math breakdown:

  • 4,000,000 visitors per year = avg. 300,000 + visitors per month, 10,000 per day.
  • Let’s say the average human pees 3-4 times per day. Each visit is typically 2 hours or more, and chances are that one in four people, (more if children are present) will want to use the restroom at least once per tour.
  • That’s 2500 trips to the can per day. If there was only one bathroom, and the average visit was 2.5 minutes – it would take 4.35 days for each visitor to use the toilet. That’s an epic wait.
  • If we wanted to reduce that wait time to 1 minute we’d need to so some really complicated math.

Calculations aside, for those of you who want a more accurate figure, then you’ll just have to be boring and go right to the actual amount. According to Homework Helper by Cha Cha, the Empire State Building contains roughly 2,500 toilets and sinks (Source: Homework Helper). For anyone who’s in the toilet business like we are, that’s a whole lot of ‘porcelain thrones’ for one kingdom…

So the next time you’re in the Big City and you happen to look up at the Empire State Building, you don’t have to wonder, like I did, how many toilets are in there, because you know that you’ll be totally covered…unless they run out of toilet paper… 

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