7 Deadly Sins of Not Washing Your Hands (After Going To The Potty)

July 04, 2014 | potty training help, potty training ideas, potty training products, potty training tips

One of the things adults are most strict about is making sure their kids wash their hands after going to potty (even if some adults don’t always remember to do that themselves) and while it might seem that parents are always telling you what to do, there are some pretty good reasons for washing your hands after using the body and there are seven deadly sins associated with not washing them.

Deadly Sin Number One: It spreads Germs

Poop can contain all sorts of germs including one called E. coli. E. coli is often what causes sickness and stomach upsets and kids are more likely to get. Kids don’t want to get sick as they have far too much else to do, so that is one extremely good reason for washing your hands.

Deadly sin number 2: It gives you other people’s germs

Other people’s germs aren’t really anything to be scared of, but if the body is exposed to too many of them, then people can get sick. By washing your hands, you not just washing away your own germs – you’re washing away other peoples too.

Deadly sin number three: It can make other people get sick

There can’t be many kids that would want to think that they could have made their Mom sick or their friends sick, but that is one of the seven deadly sins of not washing your hands. Unwashed hands can give other people germs and leave them with stomach pain and sickness.

Deadly sin number four: It spread germs to your food

You wouldn’t want to think there was bugs in your food would you? But if you don’t wash your hands after using the potty then your food can end up carrying bugs that you just can’t see. In this case, these bugs are called germs and they spread to your food – but only if you touch it without washing your hands first.

Deadly sin number five: It can cause sore eyes

The problem with not washing your hands after using the potty is that germs can spread anywhere that we touch. This means if you itch your eyes while you have unwashed hands, then you could soon end up with sore, itchy, pink eyes.

Deadly sin number six: It can cause a sore chest

No one wants a sore chest or a cough, but some of the germs that cause stomach upsets, will also cause chest infections. So that is another great reason to wash your hands after using the potty.

Deadly sin number seven: It spreads bugs everywhere

When the hands are dirty, everything they touch will become dirty due to the many invisible germs that will gather on them. These germs can make lots of people get sick, but not if you remember to always wash your hands after using the potty.

This is the reason that all potty training help manuals explains the importance of washing hands after going to potty.

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