Is a World without Handles a World Worth Living in?

September 09, 2013 | Ideas

Handles: life’s grippy shortcuts. We don’t always need them, but boy isn’t nice to have them? Handles are the unsung heros of our domesticated id, making everyday items more intuitive and useful: on grocery bags. On bicycles. Even on socks. Each application adds a little extra utility in its own way.

Sometimes it takes time for handles to make an appearance. Consider the milk jug: in the era of June and Ward Cleaver, society endured slippery glass vessels before we all came to our senses and added handles. 

Surprisingly, something as simple as a handle is rarely applied to the toilet seat, which we raise and lower almost every day of our lives. The folks at Big Toilet have recently come around, but The Shandle is ready to roll right out of the box as a glorious, well-designed toilet hack that works seamlessly with your current rig. And like most handles, it’s full of uses: It makes raising and lowering easier and more sanitary for all ages. It’s great for potty training. It’s a helpful reminder. It saves hands from filthy toilets. It can even add life to the bathroom or make you smile.

So let's hear it for handles, and let's celebrate their march into the bathroom with The Shandle! 

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