Helping you Win the Potty Training War

October 04, 2013 | Healthy Habits



If you want passionate, contentious debate, head straight for any discussion about potty training. A life without diaper changes and inner-leg leakage is the aspiration of every parent, and emotions naturally run high.   

First thing's first: we're not here to settle the best way to potty train. Everyone has an idea and a system, and let's face it...little kids have a special way of destroying even the best laid plans. But we do know that one important part of potty training—especially if you have a little boy—is raising and lowering the seat.

Maybe that part comes in Phase II, after the basics are mastered. Maybe you grew up in a male-dominated household where yellow droplets haunted your every waking moment, and now you make seat-lowering a top priority during training. Regardless of the emphasis or order of your routine, the Shandle can be an inexpensive, effective addition to the potty training process. 

Part reminder, part handy handle, and part germ-reducer, the Shandle easily integrates into any potty training plan, without costing an arm and a leg. It's colorful, fun, durable, and removable. It's one of those wonderful little things that can make potty training just a bit better. We invite you to try the Shandle today, and if you aren't totally satisfied, we'll refund your money with no questions asked. 

Regardless, good luck in to all those in search of pee and poop-free parenthood. We're rooting for ya!  

Boy On The Potty image courtesy of State Library Queensland

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