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Fathers Teaching Sons

June 09, 2014 | Healthy Habits, Toilet Seat Handles, Toilet Seat Lifter Patent, Toilet Seat Lifters

The Shandle is a great way for a father to teach his son how to use the toilet.  Not just how to aim and flush, but how to lift and lower the seat, make sure you clean up any spills and ensure you wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

Toilets are second nature to adults, but children can struggle with when learning to use the toilet. There is more to the process than we might consider. The Shandle makes the toilet friendly, fun and cleaner – something you’ll appreciate if you’re potty training a toddler.  

The Shandle is perfect for little men because it offers a clean, easy, way of lifting the toilet seat and then putting the lid down. When the toilet flushes, it’s not exactly sanitary – the amount of “stuff” that get blasted into the atmosphere of the room is quite shocking.  Lid down boys… – then flush!

For males, it can be easy to forget this and just hit the flusher. Thankfully, this toilet seat lifter reminds us to close the lid before we flush.  No more germs in the air and no more bad looks from mom!

If you are looking for a way to modernize your kids bathroom without having to do anything extensive, then the Shandle might just be the best option in town for you. It’s quick, and it’s easy to use!

How often do you go to the bathroom?

June 05, 2014 | Handles For Toilet Seats, Healthy Habits, Healthy Tips, Toilet Accessories

Think…how often you go to the bathroom on a daily basis?  At least twice a day but probably more like 5 times a day, right?  Some of us go more than others, but it’s certainly a frequent occurrence for all of us.  

Now, this isn’t to call anybody’s hygiene into question, but how often do you wash your hands before you touch the toilet seat?

If you never wash your hands before touching the toilet seat – you are not alone.

The toilet seat is a prime hangout spot for the muck in your house.  Sure – the filth comes and goes and regular cleaning should keep the real bad guys away – but still…. Every time you touch the seat you are touching what is essentially an army of mess and germs.  

Any way you cut it – the toilet seat is one of the last things you should want to touch in your home.

But how are you supposed to get the toilet seat up without touching it? Are you going to wear a pair of latex gloves? Do you design and build a mechanism that opens up your toilet seat for conventional usage?

No – you buy the Shandle – toilet seat handle.

Shandles are a toilet accessory that promotes two things. Better hygiene around the house AND a convenient way of opening up the toilet without ever touching the seat.

Peal and stick the Shandle onto the underside of the seat and use it to lift and lower the lid up to 5 times a day or more if you need it!

Breaking In A Bachelor

June 02, 2014 | Healthy Habits

Are you moving in with your boyfriend or husband? Congrats on starting your life together! Unfortunately you might be in for a rude awakening when it comes to the toilet seat! Some men are well trained – but more likely, they’ll need a little help!

All parents do their best to teach healthy bathroom habits from the potty training stage but sometimes life gets in the way. As toddlers become boys, boys become teenager, teenagers become college students and college students become… men – sometimes the proper techniques get lost.

The Shandle is a small tab that sticks onto your toilet seat with a peal –n-stick label. All you need to do is stick on the Shandle on and it will last for years! The best part is its always there for him to lift and lower the seat and lid. If you’ve ever asked your boyfriend to put the seat down – you’ll appreciate this bathroom accessory.

For wives, mothers and girlfriends, this toilet seat lifter is a blessing! The majority of husbands have to be house trained like a dog to use the toilet seat properly and with the Shandle you will be able to easily encourage them to lift and lower the seat every time the go.

If you’re turning a bachelor into a husband – get him training now with a Shandle toilet seat handle – otherwise you might find yourself in the doghouse!

Every mother deserves a dry toilet seat.

October 29, 2013 | Healthy Habits, Ideas

Over the last few months the Shandle team has been busy spreading the word about our creation. As more people see it in action, more people want one for themselves and they love to tell us why!  

“My husband never puts the seat back down!”  or “I have to share the bathroom at work with 2 guys! – YUCK!”

As we’ve heard from more people it’s become clear that families really love having the Shandle in their home.

It’s always been part of our story that the Shandle is a great potty training tool. It makes it easier for little boys to lift and lower the seat and reinforces the importance of putting the seat up and down as a cultural courtesy.

The families we speak to say the Shandle does even more than that. 

Several moms have said that the Shandle stopped their sons from slamming the seat down. Homes are more peaceful and the worry of smashed fingers is gone.  

Others tell us that the Shandle makes the toilet more user-friendly.  And by friendly we mean friendly.  Let’s face it. The toilet makes things disappear – that’s a scary thought for some kids. The Shandle makes it a bit more comfortable.

The biggest news though is that the seat is going up more often, and is dry when it comes back down.  From what the moms are telling me… that’s something you can’t put a price on. Every mother deserves a dry toilet seat! 

Please leave us a comment telling us what you think a handle on a toilet seat might be good for! We'd love to hear from you!