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The Uncloggable Toilet

July 08, 2014 | Bathroom Innovations, Odd & Interesting, Toilet Accessories

There is not much I can say about this toilet video featuring the Quatro Luxury Toilet from St. Thomas Designs. It is one impressive rig. The demonstration technique is flawless. Watch now and enjoy playing "will it flush"

I can't tell you how much this toilet cost, how much water it uses, if the toilet seat is comfortable, or how loud it roars when you flush.... but if you watch this video you'll see this throne can handle 2.3 pounds of baby carrots, a couple sets of game pieces and... a bag of dog food and some other awesome surprises! 

Makes me wonder what else might be lurking in the sewer! 

The only thing I see missing in this bathroom is a toilet seat handle - and roll of TP. Looks like this toilet is the no brush required kind!


Matt Lauer, Pee-On-Seat Predicament

November 13, 2013 | Fun Facts, Odd & Interesting

Even a super-successful news anchor deserves a dry seat! 

Even a super-successful news anchor deserves a dry seat! 

Last night Matt Lauer from NBC'S Today Show dropped by Jay Leno and told a story about a predicament he ran into in the airplane bathroom.

He actually cleaned the pee covered toilet seat, but not because his germaphone tendancies took over.  

His logic... 'Ohh no! Everyone is gonna think it was me'  is a spot on reminder that every toilet seat should have a handle. 

The way we see it you have three choices when you uncover a pee covered seat! 

1) Ignore

2) Hide (flipping the seat up)

3) Clean It Up

What would you do?