Sometimes The Toilet Is Scary

November 22, 2013 | Healthy Tips
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For fun - check out this video of a dog who is wildly freaked out by the toilet. When it comes to fight or flight, this dog's a fighter for sure. If your kid is half as freaked out by the toilet as this dog - try a Shandle today!'s natural when you have not been properly introduced to something to find it scary. For little kids the toilet is mysterious and potentially a very intimidating object looming in the corner of their home.

It's not imaginary like a monster under the bed. It's real. It's the monster in the bathroom. Think for a second about what a toilet does. How it works and how it sounds. Loud, cold and makes things disappear. Freaky.

To some kids the toilet is "that big scary white thing over there"  Loud, wet and the lid slams down sometimes. For those unfamiliar, the toilet might just have the highest fear factor in the house. 

If you know a kid who is scared of the toilet a Shandle from our Tinkle Time Collection certainly can help to make it more friendly. The cute designs are intended to make the toilet a bit more approachable. 


Matt Lauer, Pee-On-Seat Predicament

November 13, 2013 | Fun Facts, Odd & Interesting

Even a super-successful news anchor deserves a dry seat! 

Even a super-successful news anchor deserves a dry seat! 

Last night Matt Lauer from NBC'S Today Show dropped by Jay Leno and told a story about a predicament he ran into in the airplane bathroom.

He actually cleaned the pee covered toilet seat, but not because his germaphone tendancies took over.  

His logic... 'Ohh no! Everyone is gonna think it was me'  is a spot on reminder that every toilet seat should have a handle. 

The way we see it you have three choices when you uncover a pee covered seat! 

1) Ignore

2) Hide (flipping the seat up)

3) Clean It Up

What would you do? 


Every mother deserves a dry toilet seat.

October 29, 2013 | Healthy Habits, Ideas

Over the last few months the Shandle team has been busy spreading the word about our creation. As more people see it in action, more people want one for themselves and they love to tell us why!  

“My husband never puts the seat back down!”  or “I have to share the bathroom at work with 2 guys! – YUCK!”

As we’ve heard from more people it’s become clear that families really love having the Shandle in their home.

It’s always been part of our story that the Shandle is a great potty training tool. It makes it easier for little boys to lift and lower the seat and reinforces the importance of putting the seat up and down as a cultural courtesy.

The families we speak to say the Shandle does even more than that. 

Several moms have said that the Shandle stopped their sons from slamming the seat down. Homes are more peaceful and the worry of smashed fingers is gone.  

Others tell us that the Shandle makes the toilet more user-friendly.  And by friendly we mean friendly.  Let’s face it. The toilet makes things disappear – that’s a scary thought for some kids. The Shandle makes it a bit more comfortable.

The biggest news though is that the seat is going up more often, and is dry when it comes back down.  From what the moms are telling me… that’s something you can’t put a price on. Every mother deserves a dry toilet seat! 

Please leave us a comment telling us what you think a handle on a toilet seat might be good for! We'd love to hear from you! 

Helping you Win the Potty Training War

October 04, 2013 | Healthy Habits



If you want passionate, contentious debate, head straight for any discussion about potty training. A life without diaper changes and inner-leg leakage is the aspiration of every parent, and emotions naturally run high.   

First thing's first: we're not here to settle the best way to potty train. Everyone has an idea and a system, and let's face it...little kids have a special way of destroying even the best laid plans. But we do know that one important part of potty training—especially if you have a little boy—is raising and lowering the seat.

Maybe that part comes in Phase II, after the basics are mastered. Maybe you grew up in a male-dominated household where yellow droplets haunted your every waking moment, and now you make seat-lowering a top priority during training. Regardless of the emphasis or order of your routine, the Shandle can be an inexpensive, effective addition to the potty training process. 

Part reminder, part handy handle, and part germ-reducer, the Shandle easily integrates into any potty training plan, without costing an arm and a leg. It's colorful, fun, durable, and removable. It's one of those wonderful little things that can make potty training just a bit better. We invite you to try the Shandle today, and if you aren't totally satisfied, we'll refund your money with no questions asked. 

Regardless, good luck in to all those in search of pee and poop-free parenthood. We're rooting for ya!  

Boy On The Potty image courtesy of State Library Queensland