The Shandle and the Beauty of “A Little Better”

September 09, 2013 | Ideas

Big is overrated.

Our families, our jobs, our house, our cars: all big, all very important. But usually, the things that regulate our happiness are actually small and incremental. Think of latte foam, crisp sheets, lime in a beer, and the perfect shoelace knot. It's the beauty of these little things inspired the The Shandle, the world’s simplest toilet seat handle.

We often say that The Shandle makes life a little better in a room where “a little better” can move mountains. It’s a little hokey, but there’s truth behind it: The Shandle makes the bathroom experience—one of life’s great levelers and something we can can all relate to—a little easier, a little cleaner, and a little more interesting. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Lennon once said that “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”, which is more poignant than we could ever be, but it's a sentiment we embrace. So by all means, go after the big things. Push for the promotion, spoil your children, spring for the sports car. In between, we invite you to add The Shandle to your list of little things, and hope it makes every day just a shade happier: for your children, for yourself, or as a small token for someone else.

Adventures in Bathrooming: New and Notable

September 09, 2013 | Bathroom Innovations
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As connoisseurs of commode culture, we like to stay on top of new products that make the bathroom even more special. Here are the latest ideas that have us tickled:

Swash 1000 Bidet

Bidets are revered around the world for their gluteus maximus miracles. And finally, America is on the brink of dissolving its seat stigma and joining the rest of the civilized world. A hit at CES last year, this bidet will run you 600 bucks, which seems like a bargain after watching the video and listening to a Siri-soundalike explain the virtues of things like variable-stream oscillation. We want this for the office. Bad. 

The Foot Flush

Never touch the flush handle again! Great for the elderly or the ailed, because flushing can be dangerous. In the words of one satisfied customer, "Before, I had to turn around and stretch to flush before I could transfer. My back went out just last week from doing that." Any product that makes bathroom calisthenics unnecessary is surely a good thing.  


Forget the fact that this device makes it much easier for tikes to use the sink...the pun in the product name makes us burn with envy. Challenge accepted, Aqueduck. 

Adjustable Advantage

So it's come to this: American posteriors are expanding so rapidly that we need an expansion kit to cope. But let's not focus on the larger issue, and instead marvel at the simplicity of this device, which is but a clever response mechanism to a world where cronuts reign. 

Is a World without Handles a World Worth Living in?

September 09, 2013 | Ideas

Handles: life’s grippy shortcuts. We don’t always need them, but boy isn’t nice to have them? Handles are the unsung heros of our domesticated id, making everyday items more intuitive and useful: on grocery bags. On bicycles. Even on socks. Each application adds a little extra utility in its own way.

Sometimes it takes time for handles to make an appearance. Consider the milk jug: in the era of June and Ward Cleaver, society endured slippery glass vessels before we all came to our senses and added handles. 

Surprisingly, something as simple as a handle is rarely applied to the toilet seat, which we raise and lower almost every day of our lives. The folks at Big Toilet have recently come around, but The Shandle is ready to roll right out of the box as a glorious, well-designed toilet hack that works seamlessly with your current rig. And like most handles, it’s full of uses: It makes raising and lowering easier and more sanitary for all ages. It’s great for potty training. It’s a helpful reminder. It saves hands from filthy toilets. It can even add life to the bathroom or make you smile.

So let's hear it for handles, and let's celebrate their march into the bathroom with The Shandle!